Monday, 31 May 2010

The day i met Andrew Collinge

Last month, I was fortunate enough to be invited to a small, low-key soiree at Andrew Collinge's flat in London!
 It was a chance for Andrew to have his first interactive experience with us beauty bloggers, and for us to gain an insight into his business, the products he brings to the market and to have our own hair fluffed and scrutinised by the man himself!
So who is the man behind the diffuser...??
An extract from his website (

"Andrew Collinge is one of the most sought after hairdressers in the world and an international Ambassador for the industry. There are very few areas of the hairdressing industry that have not been benefited from the influence, creativity and expertise of Andrew Collinge. "

Holy moly! After reading that, I felt like I was meeting hairdressing royalty, so I gave the coiffeur a quick comb, and rocked up to his flat, bang on time!
To our shock and girlish excitement, we were met by the man himself who ushered us upstairs to his roof terrace, where we were greeted with oodles of wine and copious amounts of gorgeous grub!
So good! :) 
Once settled down on the stylish sofas, Andrew began an informal introduction to the evening. He seemed extremely down to earth, genuine and wonderfully humble of his hair-raising achievements!
He invited us to ask any burning barnet-related questions, and as we discuss the merits of co-washing and the best type of care for coloured hair, our glasses were quenched and sushi rolls were swept around the room for our delectation.
It soon became apparent that Andrew really is an inspiration and puts a huge amount of pride and passion into his work. We were lucky enough to be treated to a live performance of his talent, as he showcased a beehive bun and a fishtail plait, beautifully modelled here by Fleur.

♥ Andrew working his magic! ♥

♥ And voila! Simples...♥

It was a wonderfully unique evening and I felt extremely grateful to be amongst a handful of other bloggers, given such a fortunate experience to share our hair woes and worries, with Mr Collinge.
Before the evening faded to night, and we embarked on the journey home, we were summoned one by one to toss our tousled locks for Andrew's scrutiny. We were all offered a bespoke goodie bag to meet our hair's needs! :)
Because my hair has recently been dyed within an inch of it's lickle follicle's life, Andrew kindly proffered some colour-treated specific hair care products for me to enjoy!
♥ Salon Shampoo and Conditioner for Lustrous Brunette ♥
"revives flat brunettes to restore radiance & luminous shine"
♥ Andrew's 'Purity' range - "professional performance naturally"
Colour Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner
♥ Salon styling heat defence Spray & Shine On Salon Serum ♥
I am currently using these products and am really enjoying them, especially the purity range. They seem extremely nourishing and non abrasive on my hair, and have made it supeeer soft!
(not to mention the yummy smell!)
Also, I am a big fan of serums. My hair is so dry and curly, it really warrants a serum before I start frazzling it. I remember purchasing this serum a few years ago, and I am pleased I received this in my goodie bag as it has reminded me how much I love it! :)
Just for your info, Andrew Collinge's range is sold at Boots and at Superdrug if fancy checking it out! :)

I would just like to thank Andrew and his team for opening his fancy doors to us and sharing his fabulous wealth of knowledge with us mere mortals! It was thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational - so many thanks to all concerned.
Sweeties - let me know if you have tried any of Andrew Collinge's hair products? 
I'd love to hear your muses on them.


tracymiami said...

WOW sweetie i am super impressed. t x

riad said...

oo what did he have to say about co-washing?

xWHLo said...

Awww, the fishtail plait is super cute <3 xx

Lauren said...

You met him?!!? AMAZING! I'm so super jealous. I love both hair styles he's done there xxx

Lauren Loves...

Essjay23x said...

Ooh, sounds very glam! Would love to know what he thought about co-washing too. Fab pics!!

Ms Purple Make-up in black and white said...

You were really lucky! Well done. Loved the pony tail/ beehive hair style. Maybe you could guide us on how he did it? Let us know what you think of the products.

Caz said...

I'm so jealous of you lol
I would love to hear what a professional thought of my hair!
I love the braid he did for Fleur too :)

beautyandthebeast said...

ooooh you lucky duck that sounded like an amazing event to be invited too :)

I have used his products in the past but unfortunately none of them were remarkable on my hair :/

And YAY for freebies!


Helen [In Elegance] said...

Love the plait, they did a tutorial on Frock Me yesterday so I'll be having a go at that myself.

Miss Lipton said...

You lucky thing! I adore that beehive 'do! Yay for freebies :) x

LadyBugSays ... said...

Lucky girly, sounds like a fab evening!

Milly said...

Thanks for commenting lovelies!
In regards to co-washing...he said that it is suitable, and highly acclaimed on some people's hair. We had a lady in the group who had been doing it for nearly a month and she said her hair had never felt better! She had particularly thick and curly hair, that didn't tend to get greasy easily, which seems the ideal hair candidate for co-washing.
Let me know if anyone of you gives co-washing a go?

Zoe said...

ooh lovely! those new products look super nice. damn fleur, she looks so pretty normally let alone with the gorgeous fishtail! you lucky devils, glad you had a great time xoxox

Beatrice said...

I've watched about 30 videos in my lifetime to find out how to do a fishtail braid. And I STILL can't do it right. Looks so pretty, such a shame.

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