Saturday, 23 May 2015

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet Eau de Toilette

 Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet Edition Fragrance* | available from Boots 

Ever since the original Marc Jacobs perfume was released all those years ago, this New York-born fashion designer has really made his mark on the fragrance world and his perfume collection boasts a few of my firm favourites such as Daisy, Lola, Dot and Marc Jacobs Honey. With their feminine bottles, memorable designs and sweet-sounding names they are undoubtedly a favourite amongst many of you and the latest launch to hit the perfume aisle is just as lovely as all the rest.

Marc Jacobs sees the release of two new Sorbet Edition Eau de Toilettes - the Daisy Sorbet and the Daisy Eau So Fresh Sorbet, both beautifully sheer, sparkling and luminous with every spritz. The Daisy Sorbet Edition is a fresh blend of florals with a touch of fruit - my favourite combination! It is described as dewy, fresh and fun and evokes a sense of happiness with its sweet blend of notes. The effervescent scents of juicy mandarin and apple blossom mingle with fresh magnolia and creamy woods which give the scent a slightly musky finishing aroma as it dries down on the skin. I love the mix of fruits and florals which ensures this eau de toilette is sweet, light, zesty and perfect for the summer - much like a icy cool sorbet itself on a warm day.

Are you a fan of the Marc Jacobs fragrance line? Will you be scooping this new sorbet edition up?
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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Sweet-Smelling Hair thanks to Fudge Urban

The fun Fudge Urban Hair Range available from Superdrug and Boots

When it comes to beauty products, first and foremost we want them to perform. We want great colour payoff, a flawless base, lashes that tickle our eyebrows and hair products that really do give us that just-walked-out-the-salon finish. But let's face it, a spot of pretty packaging and some seriously irresistible scents does help sway the old decision-making process whilst cruising the aisles of Boots. "To buy or not to buy...?"

Fudge Urban hair range has always been that fun, affordable brand you instantly spot in your local Superdrug with the colourful packaging that begs to be picked up and investigated more. Hair spray and dry shampoo are probably too products that everyone has in their haircare stash at home  - a must-have to keep locks in place or when they are in need of a quick refresh between washes. Maybe once regarded as quite a rudimentary product, hair spray and dry shampoo doesn't usually get me very excited but Fudge Urban have spiced things up and given these staples a sweet-smelling makeover. Their Iced Coconut Cocktail hair spray is like a tropical dream whereas the Crisp Pear & Vanilla dry shampoo is fruity and smooth and really freshens up those limp locks. The fragrance is quite strong and could be a little overwhelming if used to excess in a confined space but a little spritz here and there is a simple way to get some sweet-smelling hair in an instant.

Are you a fan of the fun Fudge Urban hair range?
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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Vera Wang Hippie Princess Perfume

Vera Wang Hippie Princess Eau de Toilette Spray* (£50) | available from Boots

The Vera Wang Princess perfume line has become quite an iconic collection over the years (I think I have own all of those heart-shaped bottles with their bejewelled crown ring at some point!) and the latest launch, Hippie Princess, could prove to be my favourite one yet!

With the long Summer days fast approaching and the colourful festival season nearly upon us, this newest scent from the Vera Wang Princess line encapsulates the free-spirited, happy vibe of the Summer season. With its bright colours and bohemian-inspired prints, the packaging is so pretty and literally makes you want to grab your flower crowns and dance bare-foot under the golden sun. Hippie Princess is for the brave, happy girl destined for greatness.

As for the scent, Hippie Princess effortlessly shines with a captivating palette of exotic fruits and gentle florals. Their is a playful indulgence of Red Mango and floral White Freesia balanced out by the juicy notes of Apricot Nectar and smooth Lotus Flower. At the heart of the fragrance is soft Blonde Woods, sheer Pink Musk and creamy Vanilla which warms the scent as it dries down on the skin. This perfume is really lovely and so perfect for the Summer. It is light and fruity, gently mellowed out with the musk and vanilla notes, keeping it sweet...but not too sweet! It is genuinely a happy, uplifting fragrance and I can imagine this being a beautiful scent to purchase at the airport as you prepare to fly off for a laid-back two weeks in the Mediterranean sun. It is the perfect fragrance to spritz before you head out for an evening of colourful cocktails!

Are you a fan of the Vera Wang Princess perfumes?
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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Too Faced Selfie Powders

Too Face Light Filtering Photo-Enhancing Powders* (£32) | available from Debenhams

With a social media world absolutely saturated with selfie photos left, right and centre, it was only a matter of time before a beauty brand jumped on this camera craze and created your very own selfie compact complete with their very own hashtag - #TFNoFilter. The perfect powder trio for those filter fanatics, Too Faced have launched the Selfie Powders - light filtering photo-enhancing powders which mimics the effects of your favourite photo filters!

Everyone loves the sympathetic touch of an Instagram filters, whether it is to brighten, smooth, diffuse or blur out those imperfections, add warmth or an inner glow to any complexion. This portable palette promises to instantly give you that flawlessly filtered look in real life with a collection of three velvety, weightless powder-cream options to soften, cut shine and brighten the skin.

Sunrise - instantly brightens with diffused warmth, great to highlight with a warm tone along the cheekbones. Totally Toasted - bronzes with a smoothing glow and is sheer enough to buff over the face to add an overall sun kissed look or great to use as a contour. Moon River - adds a cool ethereal light to the skin. This purple powder is probably the most feared and confusing from the palette but actually the lavender tones help brighten sallow skin that needs neutralising and is probably the most useful out of the three. It adds radiance without shimmer or sparkle. Each powder can be used individually or swirled together to customise your photo-ready finish.

Obviously these powders are not miracle-workers and I wouldn't get rid of your instagram app just yet but they do all have a purpose and work well together to cut shine, add radiance and warmth to the complexion without feeling powdery or flat on the skin - plus it is great to have all you need in one palette, great for travelling and being ready for that selfie in a flash!
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Friday, 15 May 2015

YSL Instant Plump-Up Glossy Stain

YSL Vernis A Levres Plump-Up Instant Push-Up Effect* (£26) | available from YSL Beauty

There is no denying that full, plumped lips are the thing of the moment. You only need to scan through the Kardashian's instagram feeds but see that exaggerated lip liner and full lips are the order of the day in the beauty world. To help achieve a pushed-up effect in a natural way YSL Beauty have launched their new Plump-Up Glossy Stain which gives a immediate long-lasting push-up effect from the first application. The moisturising formula stimulates the lips by the contrast of cooling menthol and the warming effect of a heat active to give that a burst of volume and plumpness. Squalane oil helps reinforce the lips' lipidic barrier whilst hyaluronic acid delivers hydration and suppleness leaving lips with a feeling freshness..

This Push-Up Effect Glossy Stain can be worn alone as regular lip conditioner with added oomph for naturally enhanced lips or underneath your favourite lip colour for an instant push-up result. The formula is smooth and softening and glides on beautifully giving you a natural shine and subtle plumpness for up to 6 hours. This product is best regarded as a high shine, clear lip gloss at first with hydrating, moisturising and plumping properties as an added bonus! Basically a great lip conditioning, gloss-giving lip product for your makeup bag which you will love, especially if you were a big fan of YSL's originally Glossy Stains.
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Thursday, 14 May 2015

REN Limited Edition Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

REN Limited Edition Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask* (£32) | available from Cult Beauty & Look Fantastic

Whilst I am sure most of you have heard of Swedish skincare brand, REN who have grown from a stand alone store to international success, I know you will definitely have heard of their best-selling face mask product - the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. REN, meaning 'clean' in Swedish, was founded 15 years ago in 2000 by Antony Buck and Robert Calcraft and has gone from strength to strength and is now recognised as one of the leading skincare brand out there. Offering cutting-edge, effective formulations for all skin types without any skin-unfriendly ingredients, I personally love this brand and have tried and adored many of their products over the years.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of REN, the skincare giants have released a limited edition super-sized 75ml bottle of everyone's favourite face mask, the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask for the same price as the standard 50ml version. Bargain! This mask is potent and very effective giving you fast and fabulous results. It is a bio active peel that is designed to renew the complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and dramatically improve skin tone. It is literally the one thing I reach for when my skin is dull, feeling congested and basically just blah! It perks it up instantly, transforming the appearance of my complexion after one use and makes it feel incredibly plumped and renewed like never before.

If you fancy giving this holy grail product a try then there is no better time than now to celebrate REN's 15th year of fantastic skincare by picking up a super-sized bottle of this super-effective face mask and giving your skin a seriously fruity and fabulous treat!
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invisibobble. The Traceless Hair Ring

invisibobble: the traceless hair ring (£3.75 per pack) | available from Boots, Topshop & Urban Outfitters

Hair bands, ties and bobbles. Granted they are probably not the most exciting of beauty products to discuss but let's face it, pretty much every girl will use them and they are always a must-have to keep in your makeup bag, on your vanity table or buried deep at the bottom of your gym bag. When I first saw the craze of the invisibobble burst onto the hair-trend scene I definitely did not get it. Colourful bands slightly reminiscent of phone cord wire baffled me and I fiercely clung onto my old school elastic hair ties.

Fast forward a month or so and having actually tried out these magic little hair rings I can hold my hands up and say "I am converted"! The invisibobble isn't the most glamorous of looking hair tools but functionality-wise they are just awesome! So what makes them so good? The list of positives is almost as long as Rapunzel's locks but I will try and summarise why I am reaching for an invisibobble every morning, after the shower and on my way to my favourite exercise class.

You know that age old hair problem - your hairband is just too loose when wrapped round twice but too tight after three twists?! Cue endlessly having to re-tie your hair up or having to suffer from those hairband headaches! Due to the invisibobble's unique design it wraps evenly and securely around the hair, never feeling too tight or too loose, and can be used for simple ponytails, chignons or top knots - whatever takes your fancy. The other major plus with the invisibobble is that it doesn't rub, ruin, snag or kink your hair as your wear it which is perfect for when you want to shake down your ponytail after a long day to head out for a fancy night out. The flexible, soft and smooth plastic coil sits gently in your hair and is removed leaving absolutely no trace. Another reason why these hair tools work so well for me is the fact you can sleep in them without fearing any snags or tangles. I try not to ever tie my hair up when it is wet, as a soggy hairband can damage and kink my hair and I always end up regretting it in the morning, but with the invisibobble I feel less guilty bundling my hair up after a shower. It also has swiftly become my new workout buddy as it keeps my hair in place when pounding on the treadmill and doesn't get soggy after that swimming session.

Whether you opt for natural and inconspicuous with the clear, brown or black bobbles or go bright and festival-fun with a more daring shade, the invisibobble is the ultimate hair accessory of the moment and is ideal for all hair types and lengths. Are you a fan of this latest hair craze?
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